Redmond thrives when everyone thrives

I am running for City Council (position 2) as a voice for everyone, but specifically those voices often not included in our traditional methods of engaging the public. My unique experiences allow me to facilitate the challenging conversations necessary to improve the lives of all people in Redmond.

Our community will thrive with thoughtful collaboration and inclusive leadership on council. By using our collective strengths and crafting solutions for the future, we will prosper.

Together we can

Balance Redmond's growth targets

Growth can be balanced with addressing climate change, income disparities, a strong post-Covid recovery, while we maintain safe community for everyone.

Retain Redmond’s unique charm and prosperity

The next four years will transform our city into a major transportation hub. I will work to ensure we retain the unique charm and prosperity of Redmond, while safely and equitably welcoming the new opportunities and diverse people this will bring.



City priorities are often interconnected and complex. We should focus on these areas in the coming years:

  • Growth & Transportation
  • Safety & Policing
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Covid Recovery & Local Business
  • Inclusion & Equity
  • Thoughtful Governance

Growth & Transportation

Our entire region is going through a period of rapid growth. The state and county requirements direct how Redmond should grow and sets housing and employment targets. Cities are held to these requirements. The challenge for city leadership is to meet these requirements while balancing the need to address climate change, income disparities, and maintain quality of life and safe community for everyone. The introduction of light rail to our region is an opportunity to welcome new commerce and visitors to our city. By planning ahead to make this transition a positive experience for all, we will retain our community’s charm, prosperity, and safety.

Safety & Policing

Safety in our city centers and neighborhoods is essential. I am an advocate for gun violence prevention and gun safety. I was an active, early member of the Redmond PD Community Equity Action Team (CEAT) to advocate for the concerns of the BIPOC community. As our city grows and changes with the addition of light rail, we will see more visitors. It is our responsibility to bring together stake holders to create a welcoming city. By doing this we will preserve our city’s reputation as a great place to live, work, and visit, which will allow all to thrive. I have been awarded Candidate Distinction by:

Environment & Sustainability

Supporting environmental policies at the state and regional level is essential, however, we have more control over what we can do as a community right here in Redmond. We must turn policies into action, fulfill our city pledges, and work purposefully toward our climate goals. Specific plans, education programs, and goals toward eco-friendly habits can all play a role in our community coming together to become more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint. From a city perspective, we need to maintain and expand our tree canopy, invest in electric vehicles for the city, and maintain our city pledges. I am endorsed by:

Covid Recovery & Local Business

As Human Services Commissioner, I worked to prioritize funding to ensure community members in need receive necessary support, particularly during Covid. This work must continue for all community members in need. We can also help local businesses recover – one easy way is to Buy Locally. The city can also create more events and programs to bring visitors to our community and seek more opportunities to boost businesses most severely impacted by Covid. I am endorsed by:

Inclusion & Equity

The population of Redmond has become more diverse over the past decade, and we will see that trend continue into the future. City government needs to reflect, align, and include the perspectives and unique needs of our diverse population. Doing so with an equity lens is also important. Our traditional input and listening mechanisms do not work equally for all groups. Finding innovative and new ways to identify and engage all communities will be important as we continue to grow.

Thoughtful Governance

To achieve Redmond’s priorities, our council must work together collaboratively and effectively. I will bring a different approach to council that:

  • Ensures impacted communities are included in government decision making
  • Addresses issues at a systemic level
  • Prioritizes being risk aware and financially responsible

With this approach, we will continue to smoothly operate city resources and services, while charting the best plan for the future. I am endorsed by: